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Main Lesson Book-Writing Practice- 15115018

Main Lesson Book-Writing Practice- 15115018


I have 4 mint green colored ones and will use those before ordering more. It looks like they will be pink if I need to order more. 


Handwriting Practice Book - spiral binding 1x1- Mint Green


24 pages, A4 landscape format (11.69x8.27 inch), spiral binding, 1x1(= 1 page lined, 1 page blank)


This handwriting practice book is based on a design by the Dutch Waldorf teacher Els Gottgens. The writing area is divided into 3 bars. The 9 mm wide upper and lower bars are light green and the middle bar is light pink. Because the child has to apply their willpower to the specifically marked upper and lower areas they are deliberately emphasised. Later, when practice is done without the help of the bars balanced handwriting is produced. The spiral bound Handwriting Practice Book has alternating, 120 g writing and blank drawing pages. 

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