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IV Pure Lhamo Herbal Pads


RVA Naturals is proud to provide Lhamo Herbal Pads.  Lhamo pads are made from compostable, organic material to protect the earth and infused with herbal essential oils to give you the best possible protection and care. 
More than just eco-friendly pads, Lhamo strives to provide women with the ultimate protection and care during such a vulnerable time in their daily lives.


Here are just a few of the main ingredients and their known benefits:

  • Rose

    Improves circulation and helps provide pain relief

  • Spearmint

    Enhanced breathability keeps your vagina free from rashes

  • Marjoram

    A relaxing fragrance to relieve the menstrual bipolarity to maintain a balanced mood state

  • Frankincense

    Helping relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation

  • Champaca

    With Champaca your skin remains clean and healthy

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