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dalcini bento

dalcini bento


Stainless steel food storage container with a secure latch closure. Great for Charcuterie to-go, and Bento-style lunch. Dishwasher Safe. Durable, practical, and so beautiful!



• Made in India


Dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, and perfect for modern-day households. Made of top‑quality FDA-compliant food-grade stainless steel, these food storage containers are the ultimate solution for busy, health-conscious, and environmentally responsible consumers. The seamless interiors allow easy cleaning with no tight corners or lips for bacteria to hide. They are dishwasher-safe and have a lifetime warranty against rust, food stains, and retained odors. Bye-bye tomato stains and leaching chemicals- life just got a whole lot cleaner and healthier. And unlike many other stainless steel products on the market, we do not add any aluminum to our stainless steel alloy, so there is no metallic or "tin" taste, even after years of use! Dalcini™ products are responsibly manufactured in India using centuries‑old craftsmanship and in strict no-child labor facilities. Beautiful products and ethically made. Safe. Simple. Sustainable.

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