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RVA Naturals Beeswax Wraps

April 22nd is Earth Day and these make a perfect starting point to help lesson your plastic use. You can use these for your sandwiches, snacks and leftovers instead of plastic wraps and/or ziplocks. I use them all the time for lunches on the go and leftovers.

Not only are they re-usable and last for as long as you take care of them, they can be composted too. Beeswax Wraps. 100% cotton and beeswax, that's it. I have a few organic cotton choices as well. -19 x 13 inches perfect for casserole dishes -13 x 13 inches the multi purpose size. -11 x 11 inches great for wrapping small sandwiches and snacks - 8 x 8 inches great for covering avocados, apple halves, and jars -Use, Wash, dry, reuse CARE INSTRUCTIONS- use cold water and mild soap. Use a sponge or wash cloth instead of scratchy brush. Wipe, let dry, fold or roll up and store. That's it. You can let soak in cool water if there is a stubborn sticky mess. Ways you can use them (for all sizes) -Folded into snack bags -Wrapping sandwiches -As place mats at a picnic -Covering leftovers to place in fridge -Covering casseroles and baked goods -An attractive wrapping for food gifts that the recipient can then re-use -Can be used with vegetables, fruit, nuts, bread, cheese, cookies, cakes and many other foods When NOT to use Beeswax Food Wraps -As they are not 100% waterproof, don’t use to wrap wet items as they can leak -Do not use with raw meat as they cannot be washed in hot water -Don’t use in microwave or to wrap hot foods as this will melt the beeswax you can also find them here.

— The top picture shows some of the prints I have in stock now. The other pictures are either uses or prints I’ve had in the past.

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