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Wooden DIY Toadstool-Mushroom

Wooden DIY Toadstool-Mushroom


These sweet mushrooms bring delight to any room or play set ups. These are unfinished for you to paint, wood burn or leave natural. Sanded smooth. Great for fairy houses, playhouses, nature tables or decor. Tiny ones are great for math manipulatives. 


Jumbo- has a 3” cap and 1 5/8” bottom

Jumbo jr.-  has a 2.5” cap and 1 5/8” bottom 

XXL has a 2” top with a  1 5/8 bottom 

XL    has a 2” top with a 1 5/16” bottom

L-     has a 2” top with a 1” bottom

M-    has a 1.5” top with a 1” bottom

S-     has a 1.5"  top with a 5/8 bottom 

XS/tiny-   has a 1” top with a 5/8 bottom 


The pictures go in order from largest to smallest. 

The last pictures with green silk shows the Jumbo, Jumbo Jr, small and tiny.


XXL- Jumbo are Large enough for little hands.

Large to Extra Small can be a choking hazard and should be for children ages 3+

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