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RVA Beeswax Wraps- Md. 11x11

RVA Beeswax Wraps- Md. 11x11


Instead of using saran wrap, lessen your footprint and use re-usable wraps. Not only are they re-usable and last for as long as you take care of them, they can be composted too. 


-They are made with only beeswax and 100% cotton. 

-Use, Wash, Dry, Reuse. 

-9 x 11 inches

-These work great for covering small bowls, small snacks and small sandwiches. 


They are wonderful for regular food storage usage and for picnics, they double as a small placemat. 


CARE INSTRUCTIONS- only use cold-luke warm water and mild soap. Use a sponge or wash cloth instead of scratchy brush. Wipe, let dry, fold or roll up and store. That's it. 


With all the wonderful prints you will have fun using them. 


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