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100% Silk Scarf or Playsilk. 


This is another one of my open ended products. It can be so many things. You can use it when dancing, dressing up, stirring them in a pot for "soup," carrying stuffed animals in a "sling" and so much more! What will your scarves be turned into? Pirate bandanas? A princess's sash? A skirt? 


These are also great for decor around the house, gift wrapping cloth, silk bandana, silk scarf, the sky's the limit here. 


Made of 100% high quality 8mm silk. I dye them with very mild dyes and vinegar making them safe for all ages. 


They are hand dyed in small batches so each silk is unique and will sometimes have a mottled/tie dye effect. 


There will be some shrinkage during dyeing process.


Measurements are before dyeing. 

I have 21" square, 35" inch, and 11" squares 


The 35" and 21" are shown wrapping a gift

Color option
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