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MLB-landscape format-no onion skin- 1512041

MLB-landscape format-no onion skin- 1512041

this is for a main lesson book with no onion skin measuring  12.6x9.45 inch32 pages, landscape format, 32x24 cm , blank, 6 colors available For our "Classics' series we use extremely high quality, heavy, 120g drawing paper that is excellently suited to wax crayons and coloured pencils as well as ink or indian ink.The covers are made of heavy, 290 g card with leather embossing and bound with three clasps.The dimensions are such that the entire sheet can be used and therefore the books are, for the most part, 20% larger than the comparable A4 format. This allows for generous use of the book. Naturally we use chlorine free paper in all our products
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