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Heart Shaped Hand Warmer-Beanbag

Heart Shaped Hand Warmer-Beanbag


This listing is for one bean bag/hand warmer


These bean bags can be used for so many things. They are great for the little one just learning to grasp, for the toddler learning to throw, or child learning colors and counting. They are great for tactile and sound. They are great for knock down games, counting games, rhymes, and so much more. They are made with the softest wool fabric and filled with cherry pits. Being filled with cherry pits they can get wet and be washed. They can also go in the freezer or microwave to use them for healing bags as well. So many uses for such a small item. 


~ about 5 inches

~ beautifully hand dyed wool fabric

~ cherry pits

~ can be washed and dried

~ heat in microwave or oven to hold for hand warmers. 


to see more colors please visit here.

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