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evi grandmother

evi grandmother


this is a listing for the Evi grandmother. You may choose skin tone.


The Evi Dolls Family Set, featuring a loving cast of characters: Mother & Baby, Father, Son, Daughter, Grandmother, and Grandfather, ready to embark on countless fun-filled adventures! These dolls are not only a joy to play with but also entirely poseable, allowing children to bend them into natural positions like sitting, running, or even ascending the stairs of a wooden dollhouse.

With their expressive facial features, your child can easily immerse themselves in various scenarios from their everyday life, sparking imaginative play. These versatile dolls are a perfect fit for your dollhouse, and they reflect a diverse family with various skin tones, fostering inclusivity and representation.

Clothes may vary in color and style.

Size Mother, Father, and Grandparents 5.5" in height. Brother and Sister 4.5" in height.

Made in Brazil

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