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Bubble & Bee toothpaste

Bubble & Bee toothpaste


Finally a toothpaste that’s safe, effective, and even edible. Your hygienist will be surprised with how clean your teeth are!

You'll actually feel the toothpaste alkalizing your mouth! After a decade of testing and developing, we've managed to make an alkalizing soap-based toothpaste that doesn't *taste* like soap. But it *feels* like soap. You'll feel the alkaliZING sensation when you use the toothpaste. It's a little zing to wake your mouth up! In the process it's removing and controlling cavity-causing bacteria, gently polishing your teeth, and freshening your mouth!


Full Ingredients List: organic vegetable glycerin, saponified organic coconut oil (coconut oil soap), calcium carbonate, organic spearmint essential oil, organic stevia. 


•Alkalizing Toothpaste supports natural remineralizing 

•Clean teeth with healthy ingredients

•Packaged in glass

•Low-abrasive, low-foaming

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