Art Makes Sense Pent. Child's Harp-55210076

Our art makes sense® Children's Harp was designed specially for Mercurius by Auris. The aim was to create an instrument with a clear, bright tone carried by the tone of the maple. 
The art makes sense® Children's Harp is intended to be a simple instrument which, through games, playing together and listening, enables the child to know music in the broadest sense. 

The harp is the romantic poets' dearest instrument. Perhaps it is because of the soft, lingering tone which speaks directly to the soul, creating a feeling of yearning. Children also listen attentively to the sound of the harp and the lyre. Thus, the simple versions of these instruments, such as our pentatonic Children's Harp, are perfect for making music with small children.
  • Details

    maple wood, width approx.: 20 cm, height approx.: 39 cm (width approx.: 7.87 inch, height approx.: 15.35 inch), including tuning wrench, manual
Richmond, Virginia