Our first vehicles for babies are made in essential and fundamental forms.  They are shaped in a way that makes them easy to grasp for little hands. 

When children start crawling, they not only explore their own mobility but also their ability to set the things around them in motion. Our vehicle range for infants gives them the possibility to make this important discovery. As their behavior is first of all characterized by the playful exploration of their immediate surroundings, children will only gradually find a connection between their toy vehicle and the “real“ vehicles in the adult world.


The essential fundamental forms of the wooden vehicles enable children to start re-creating the hay making, going shopping or making a journey with the camper -  all this becomes possible with the power of imagination within the child. Based on these deliberations we consciously decided to give our vehicles simple shapes. In that period of their development children do not need toys with realistic details; they need the opportunity to shape things with their imagination, helping them to engage in lively play.