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DIY Color Matching Peg Doll Set- DIY Loose Parts

DIY Color Matching Peg Doll Set- DIY Loose Parts


Loose parts, open-ended play activities, and natural wooden toys are awesome! 

But what if you want a whole playroomful of open-ended play goodness and totally natural toys - at a price that’s sustainable? 

All you need is some natural dyes or paint. And our perfectly DIY unfinished wood toys!


These are great for color sorting, memory games, hand eye cooridination and so much more.  


These wooden toy parts are:

Safe and all-natural wood (Mother Nature’s gift to little kids and moms!)

Made of premium Baltic birch (If you’re buying DIY wooden toys for toddlers and kids, it’s gotta be safe.)

Beautifully unfinished (give it some beeswax shine and leave as is, or go for colors and rainbows with natural dye, paint, or stain) 


This listing is for either a set of  

7 large  1-5/8th" bean pots and 2-3/8" peg dolls or

7 small 1-5/16 bean pots and 1-11/16" peg dolls

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