Classic Waldorf Doll 16" Girl-Lt/auburn hair

We are very pleased to introduce you to our classic Waldorf dolls. With hair made of mohair, your child can braid and unbraid or style and coif the doll to their heart's content. As for the body, it is made of cotton interlock and stuffed with wool. While it starts out firm, with time and play, it will soften and become even more of a joy to tote and cuddle. The dolls come with dresses, shirts, bloomers and booties that all come off. Additionally, because the dolls are a full 16", many ready-made clothes and patterns are available for this size of doll to extend the play.

MADE IN: Brazil
MADE OF: Dolls are made of cotton and wool. Please note that because of the challenges of sourcing fabrics, there may be occasional clothing substitutions.
SIZE: 16" tall
    Richmond, Virginia