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big dipper apothecary glass candle LOVE

big dipper apothecary glass candle LOVE



This 3.2 ounce Apothecary Glass is a simple, utilitarian candle in a reusable glass jar. Burn the purest, unscented beeswax in your home with our classic Apothecary Glass candle. Each candle is made with 100% pure beeswax and will burn for 25 hours!


Product Details

* Sustainable product 

* Recommend to reuse the glass when done with your candle


Usage: Holidays, Celebrations, Romantic Settings, Easter Baskets, Home Decor, Natural Air Freshener, Sustainable Living, Rustic Elegance Notes: Beeswax Candle, Novelty Candle, Handcrafted, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Paraffin Free, Soy Free, Lead Free, Petroleum Free, Paraben Free


• Made in United States

• Ingredients: Beeswax


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